Go Mobile

Interdev's Situational Awareness Interface

Interdev’s comprehensive dashboard to track all your notifications and daily duties from a single interface. Our single sign on (SSO) feature allows you to plan your day and complete tasks from one convenient location. Mobile Office ties all the solutions together in a cohesive portal. It will direct you to the proper area for each notification seen on the dashboard, through seamless integration across all of the solutions in the Interdev Suite. Let Mobile Office be your guide throughout the day, and keep you informed of your daily tasks.

Integrated Dashboard
  • Connect/combine data from multiple data sources
    • ePCR, QA, LMS, Certifications, RMS
  • Redirect to actionable items source
  • Secure single sign on (SSO)
Performance Coaching
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Configurable Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • Live Alerts
  • Intuitive structure
  • Easy to filter and retrieve info
Supervisor Shift Log
  • Track and Document Daily Activities
  • Assign Tasks
  • Send Messages




Our unique service provides over your shoulder help, guiding you through tasks as we take control of your computer remotely, from anywhere in the world. Furthermore device maintenance is frequently administered, keeping all software and devices updated and running smoothly. iMEDIC EMS is easily customizable and we offer support packages, for users who are comfortable modifying data parameters and changing software configurations.